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Thank You Shorty! Resignation – Matthew Angelino

It is with great regret that we announce Matthew Angelino is stepping down from his role as Referee Co-Ordinator at North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball.

“Shorty” as he is most commonly known, has been in the Referee Co-ordinator role since 2017 - but around much longer and has essentially been known as a part of the furniture on game nights.

Being in his final semester of university where he is studying Music, Angelino will soon be a qualified full-time Music teacher, meaning his commitment and time to his role has to come to an end.

General Manager for the North Gold Coast Seahawks, Dwayne Vale, is disappointed but also understands Angelino’s reasons for moving on.

“I’m not sure if there is a person out there that doesn’t get along with Shorty” said Vale.

“His upbeat attitude, his ability to connect with all of our referees and members, as well as his knowledge, will be missed around here. In saying that, I am really excited for him and his family’s future as he moves into his chosen career”

“From the Board, Staff and myself we want to wish Shorty the absolute best in his endeavours moving forward, and we want him to know that the door will always be open to him here at Seahawks”

With Angelino’s resignation, we will be taking the opportunity to restructure the role which has been recently advertised as the Competitions Supervisor. If you wish to apply, please head to:


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