Imagine watching your favourite basketball team play a game with no timer, no scoreboard or no stat sheet.  Players would have no idea what the score was, coaches would be confused as to how to manage the clock, and fans would be left clueless as to how many points their favourite player scored. 

Without scoretable officials, this would be the reality of basketball.  Scoretable officials are an indispensable part of basketball, helping keep the game flowing smoothly.

Scoretable Positions

There are several different positions at the scoretable, namely:

  • commissioner

  • scorer

  • assistant scorer

  • timekeeper


Each position has different responsibilities, but they are all essential.

The scorer’s many duties include filling in the scoresheet and notifying officials when a team is out of timeouts. 

The assistant scorer, among other things, operates the scoreboard and maintains communication between the referees and the scorer. 

The timekeeper has a variety of responsibilities, the most important being to accurately keep the playing time of the game, starting and stopping the clock as necessary. 

The commissioner is appointed to oversee the other scoretable officials, as well as to provide neutral advice or information to the referees.

Keys to Being A Successful Scoretable Official

The keys to being a successful scoretable official can be remembered with four ‘C’s:





Scoretable officials must have a proficient understanding of the rules (correctness), the ability to follow a fast paced game (concentration), the capacity to express information both verbally and non-verbally (communication), and a willingness to work together with the other officials as a team (co-operation).


However, this does not mean you have to already possess a vast knowledge of the game.  Most scoretable officials are fans of the game who wish to get involved at the local level.  They become scoretable officials to support both the sport of basketball, and the players and teams in the game they are working. 

Becoming a scoretable official is an easy and fun way to increase your knowledge of the game (whatever it may already be), and to become a vital part of the games you attend.

How to Become a Scoretable Official

So how does one become a scoretable official and become involved in running a basketball game? 

It’s rather simple, really.  Beginners take a Level One course through their state associations, which consists of two four-hour sessions, as well as an open book exam.  These sessions will leave you proficient at the scorer, assistant scorer, and timekeeper positions; and will qualify you to control domestic games. 

Once you have gained experience, if you so desire, you may receive further training to move up to higher levels, even all the way up to NBL and international competition.

If you are interested in becoming a scoretable official, you can contact your state association to find an upcoming Level One course.  

Seahawks Scoretable Education

Seahawks Basketball runs Level One scoretable courses from time to time.  Contact Admin on or call the office on 5573 1796 for more details.

Becoming a scoretable official is one of the best ways to support your favourite team by getting involved with a necessary aspect of the game.  You will receive one of the best seats in the entire arena, and will be able to provide an invaluable service to players, coaches, referees, fans and the media.  Your knowledge of the rules will improve, which will increase your appreciation and enjoyment of games.  You could even end up working at national or international games, and potentially receive exciting travel opportunities across the country, and even the world!

So contact your state association, and become an active part of the game you love!