Basketball is a great social sport to play with friends all year around.  We don’t get rained out, or let weather dictate when you get to play.

Three Competition Nights

Some competition days and venues may change due to the impact of playing in a Covid Safe environment, which will reduce our capacity for games on any given night.  We will consult with teams as Team Nominations come in to ensure we can accommodate everyone.




Men's A Grade

Men's B Grade

Men's C Grade



Women's Social




Men's Masters (30+)

Social Mixed (pending interest)

note. Some weeks are held at Runaway Bay, pending venue availabilty.


There will be some altered conditions at our venues.  Should we be operating under a condition of maximum 100 people inside the venue, you can expect the following:

- Extended time slots to allow for cleaning and sanitisation between games.

- Access to venue only 10 minutes before scheduled start time, after previous time-slot have left and cleaning completed.

- No external balls to be brought in to the venue.  A ball will be provided to each team for warm up, one of which will be used as a game ball.

- Limited spectators inside the venue.  One person per team may enter in order to score.  Alternatively a player from the team's bench can score and substitute into the the game from the score-bench.

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Watch a replay of every game you play thanks to Glory League.  Not only can players watch their games back, but they will receive a personalised highlight video after each match for you to re-live all the action and share your highlights with family and friends.


2021 SEASON 2

2021S2 Senior Competitions.png


Each player must hold current Basketball Queensland Registration (at any affiliated association) – $65.77 (2020 rate, 2021 rate TBC)

Team Nomination Fee: $310 from Tuesday 8th June onwards.  Early Bird Rate $280 available till Monday 7th June

Team Nominations are due by Tuesday 29th June 2021. **BONUS – Nominate your team by the Due Date and receive 1 bonus premiership ladder point**

Team Bond: $120 (returned when Team no longer plays)

Weekly Match Fee: $85

All Match Fees must be paid via Teampay app.  All players should download the app available on iPhone & Android.

teampay logo.png

Learn more about Teampay at their website. Click here.

Download the App from your phone's app store.


Below is our Season Calendar for 2021 Season 2​.  

2021S2 Senior Calendar.png


Each Team requires a Team Delegate.  The Team Delegate should then enter the team online when the Team Nomination Period opens.

The Team Delegate will be required to pay the Team Nomination Fee ($280/$310) and the Team Bond ($120) with the Team Entry.

The Team Delegate should collect each players email address ahead of entering the Team so that they can take advantage of the Player Invite system which will invite each player to register with your Team, simplifying the process for players.

TEAM NOMINATION OPEN: Monday 17th May 2021


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT AVAILABLE TILL:  Monday 7th June 2021 (Save $30 on Team Nomination)

TEAM NOMINATION DUE: Tuesday 29th June 2021 

TEAM BONUS POINT: Start the season with 1 point already on the ladder simply by nominating your team by the Due Date and receive one bonus premiership point

All players must be registered with their team and hold current BQ registration before their first game.

For more information please contact Adam on 0477 07 6665 or


Don't have enough players to form a team?  For individuals and other small groups of friends looking to play we can attempt to link you in with an existing team looking for more players or group you together with other individuals​ in the same situation so you can form a new team.

Fill out the form below to register your interest:

Help us find you a team to join or link you up with other individuals to form a new team.

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We have started a Facebook Group for all players and Team Delegates of our senior competition, and also for those looking to join a team.  If you have filled in the above form, please also join our Facebook group and create a post stating what competitions you are interested in finding a team.  

The group can be found at: