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With our inclusion in NBL1 from 2022, the Senior Seahawks QSL program is the feeder program for our NBL1 program and is the bridging program between our Junior Seahawks program and senior basketball.  The program provides opportunities for our Junior players to progress to the senior ranks and compete in a premier competition.  Our senior program has enjoyed much success over the years in the various competitions that Basketball Queensland has delivered.

Our men's program enjoyed much success through the QBL D-League, then renamed the Southern Basketball League (SBL), before ascending to the Queensland Basketball League (QBL) in 2018.  The men were D-League/SBL Champions in 2009, 2011, 2012 & 2013.  They were also Runners-Up in 2010 and 2015.

The women's program has also enjoyed much success.  SBL Runners-Up in 2013, they would then go on to be undefeated Champions in 2014.  Champions again in 2016 and undefeated Champions once again in 2017.  They would also qualify for the playoffs in their first year of the QBL in 2018.  Another undefeated championship in QSL Division 1 came in 2021.

Our senior program has grown to having QSL Division 1 and 2 men's sides and a Division 1 women's team to supports the men's and women's NBL1 teams. These sides provide even greater opportunity for our juniors to develop, with the intention of them being able to progress to our Division 1 sides, take on U.S. College opportunities or progress to higher levels at home in Australia.  In 2019, our Men's Division 2 side would be Champions of SBL Div. 2.


Trial 1: Wednesday 22nd November. 8pm - 9:30pm @ Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium

Trial 2: Thursday 23rd November. 8pm - 9:30pm @ Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium

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