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Sponsorship Announcement – Gold Coast Leaflet Distributors

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball would like to welcome Gold Coast Leaflet Distributors as a Silver sponsor for this upcoming QSL season.

Gold Coast Leaflet Distributors was established in 1981 and proudly owned by Renee and Jason Milton since 1991. Renee and Jason will be familiar with most at the Association, with daughter Eden Milton being a part of our U18 Girls Teal Seahawks Representative side, as well as Jason being Team Manager for the team this past season.

North Gold Coast Seahawks General Manager, Dwayne Vale, continues to be impressed with how much the members within the association want to support and be involved.

“It’s been a such a positive process with Renee and Jason from Gold Coast Leaflets Distributors” said Vale.

“Jase jumped on board as the U18 Girls team manager at short notice and has done an outstanding job of wanting to be involved in a support role for the team”

“To then approach me about wanting he and wife Renee’s business on board as a partner, it really shows how far our association has come in the past couple of years”

“We are proud that Gold Coast Leaflets Distributors are wanting to put their brand alongside our North Gold Coast Seahawks Association and it's exciting to have them on board”

For more information on Gold Coast Leaflet Distributors, head to their website: or their Facebook page: Gold Coast Leaflet Distributors


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