Sponsor Announcement – Coolphase

In another exciting development for the North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association, Coolphase Refrigeration has agreed to terms on a 2-year Gold partnership sponsorship for the Queensland State League program.

Coolphase is a Commercial Refrigeration, Electrical and Air Conditioning company based in Staplyton which has serviced the Gold Coast region for 30 years.

General Manger for Coolphase, Ricky Gatti, has high hopes for the Seahawks Men’s and Women’s programs for years to come.

“The work the team at North Gold Coast have done with their juniors is incredible” said Gatti.

“The progress we have seen within the association and the overall growth is something we here at Coolphase are proud to be a part of”

General Manager for the North Gold Coast Seahawks, Dwayne Vale, couldn’t hide his excitement with another Gold partner on board.

“Ricky actually initiated the conversation around being back on board, which is extremely refreshing in the sponsorship space as those sorts of conversations usually come from a lot of chasing and following up, so we are extremely appreciative of what he and Coolphase has agreed to do for our Association”

“Not only have Coolphase offered a financial component, but they will also be supporting in co-branded merchandise to spread the brand of both businesses”

For more information on Coolphase, head to: https://coolphase.com.au/

Members looking to sponsor the North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association, please send an email to: Dwayne.vale@seahawksbasketball.com.au

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