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Sleaford to lead Seahawks as new President

The North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association is thrilled to announce Robert Sleaford as its new President, a seasoned basketball enthusiast and dedicated community leader. With a rich history of involvement in the association spanning back to 2006, Robert brings a wealth of experience, a passion for the sport, and a commitment to the growth and success of the Seahawks.


A devoted family man, Robert's connection to the Seahawks goes beyond his role as President. His two daughters have not only played at both junior and senior levels for the Seahawks, but he also boasts a grandson who may very well be the next generation of this basketball legacy—a future Seahawk in the making.


Robert's journey within the association has been marked by his hands-on approach and dedication. Over the years, he has donned various coaching hats, leading numerous teams to success. His coaching repertoire includes guiding U14 girls, U16 girls, QBL women, SBL women, and presently serving as the assistant coach for the NBL1 women's team. This extensive coaching experience underscores his comprehensive understanding of the game at different levels.


Beyond coaching, Robert has actively contributed to the administrative side of basketball. He served as a committee member for the Helensvale Hurricanes for two years, showcasing his commitment to fostering basketball growth within the broader community. Additionally, his tenure as a Seahawks board member for eight years further solidifies his dedication to the association's long-term success.


Hailing from Rockhampton, Robert's roots in basketball can be traced back to his own playing days. A product of the Rockhampton juniors, he progressed through the ranks to eventually represent the Queensland Basketball League (QBL). This personal playing experience provides him with unique insights into the challenges and triumphs that athletes face on their journey through the basketball ranks.


As the newly appointed President, Robert Sleaford sets ambitious yet crucial objectives for the role. Open communication is at the forefront, aiming to create an inclusive and transparent dialogue among all stakeholders. By fostering unity and collaboration, he envisions aligning everyone towards a common goal—a thriving North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association.


One of Robert's primary focuses is the development of pathways for junior athletes, creating opportunities for them to progress seamlessly from junior to senior basketball. With an emphasis on player development and mentorship, he aims to build a robust system that ensures the growth and success of the association at all levels.


In his initial days in office, Robert is already organising meetings with the various clubs associated with the Seahawks. This proactive approach signals a promising era for the association, with an experienced and trustworthy leader at its helm. The North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association is poised to move onwards and upwards under Robert Sleaford's guidance, and the future looks bright for all those associated with this thriving basketball community.

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