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Seahawks Soar to New Heights with Colby Stefanovic as Head Coach

In a move signalling a new era of optimism and confidence for the North Gold Coast Seahawks, the appointment of Colby Stefanovic as the NBL1 Men’s Head Coach is set to pave the way for a season filled with promise and success.


Colby Stefanovic, no stranger to the league, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record as an NBL1 coach, having previously guided the RedCity Roar through several seasons. His coaching journey, rooted in a rich basketball background, has seen him grow from an assistant coach at Ipswich, before working at length alongside widely respected coach Mick Conlon with the Gold Coast Rollers, under the guidance of FIBA Hall of Famer Pero Cameron. 


President Robert Sleaford expressed his utmost confidence in Stefanovic's ability to lead the Seahawks towards a prosperous future. "Colby Stefanovic is a seasoned coach with a deep understanding of the NBL1 league. His experience and mentorship, under icons like Pero Cameron and Mick Conlon, make him an ideal candidate for our coaching role," stated Sleaford.


In an exclusive interview, Stefanovic outlined a comprehensive plan for the development of the Seahawks' junior talent. Starting from talent identification at the Under 16 age-group, Stefanovic envisions a structured pathway program that nurtures young players to the NBL1 level.


"Our goal is clear – to have our Seahawks juniors make a significant impact on the playing group of our NBL1 program in both the near and long-term future. Colby's coaching style and values align perfectly with our club, making him the right fit for our club vision," added Sleaford.


Coach Stefanovic is currently undertaking a thorough review of the team's roster, with a focus on making strategic changes to ensure success on the court. "Seahawks Management has given me the confidence to make changes to create a team that I believe will not only be competitive but will also reflect the values of the Seahawks community and program," Stefanovic confidently asserted.


As the Seahawks eagerly anticipate the upcoming NBL1 season, the atmosphere around the club is one of positivity and excitement. The synergy between Coach Stefanovic's vision, the club's leadership, and the overarching goal of developing homegrown talent underscores a collective determination to bring success to the North Gold Coast Seahawks.


With the NBL1 season on the horizon, the North Gold Coast Seahawks eagerly await the forthcoming season filled with anticipation and positivity. The stage is set for an exceptional season of growth, triumph, and community pride. The Seahawks’ first NBL1 game is on Thursday 11th April at Bendigo Bank Cornubia Park Sports Centre (Logan), with their first home game at Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium on Friday 26th April.

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