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QSL Women get boost from SmartSkill

“What can we do to help grow the Seahawks?” were the words from Suzanne and Darren Mackenzie when asked about their sponsorship support for the North Gold Coast Seahawks Association.

In exciting news for the North Gold Coast Seahawks Association, SmartSkill have come on board as a Naming Rights Sponsor for the Queensland State League season (QSL) Women’s  as well as naming rights sponsor of our newly formed Seahawks Rep Ready Program.

“We are proud supporters of the Seahawks Basketball program but with the General Manager Dwayne Vale’s advice, we wanted to take a different approach to our sponsorship this year” said Suzanne Mackenzie.

“We want our young Men and Women who represent our Junior Seahawks representatively to have an outlet during their offseason where they are able to grow and expand their individual skill sets”

“As parents to a representative player, we want to educate our junior players on the importance of hard work and dedication and through the Rep Ready Program, they will be exposed to high level individual training, preparing them for their next Representative Season or better yet, the Seahawks QSL Men’s and Women’s program”

General Manager Dwayne Vale expressed his appreciation and support of SmartSkill and the Mackenzie family.

“Suzanne and Darren were a couple I met very early into my time at being at the Seahawks and they expressed their interest in growing all levels of our playing members”

“It’s always fantastic when we are able to lock in a sponsor for the QSL season but what is most exciting is that SmartSkill want to to help develop our juniors into our Senior playing group for years to come”

“Now having the ability to set up a Rep Ready Program, we are now able to provide our Junior Representative players a program where we can help develop and nurture their skill sets during the off season, which will in turn help theirs and the teams performance come Rep season”

“If we are able to develop our players from a young age, they will in turn become our key staples of our Men’s and Women’s Senior programs for years to come”

“For SmartSkill to want to help the overall Association pathway is extremely exciting and appreciative from myself and the overall Association”

“I’m excited for this partnership to show its rewards over the coming years”

If you interested or know anyone that is interested in becoming a partner or sponsor of the North Gold Coast Seahawks Association, please contact Dwayne Vale on

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Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
Jan 31, 2023

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