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QSL Women Player Announcement – Lauren Jansen

With the women’s side shaping up to be a championship contender, we are proud to announce the signing of Lauren Jansen, who is back for another season for the SmartSkill Seahawks Women’s QSL team.

In 2020, Jansen averaged a team high in assists (3.27pg) and rebounds (9.82pg) as well being the second leading scorer with 12.55ppg and eventually took out dual MVP honours with Aimee Durbidge.

“It was never a question to whether I was going to play again, I’ve got a wedding to be fit for” laughed Jansen.

“In all seriousness, I just love playing the game and with Brad Kann as our Head Coach, and with the squad he is assembling, I think it’s going to be a positive year for the group”

“Last season was challenging – with the uncertainty of whether the season would go ahead, and with it being a condensed season, made it tough to get ready for” said Jansen.

Head Coach of the SmartSkill Seahawks Women’s team, Brad Kann, knew Jansen would be a key factor in any squad he assembled.

“Loz just has a knack for getting her hands on the basketball” said Kann

“Her activity at both the defensive and offensive end is incredibly impressive and will go a long way to the team playing finals this season”

“I thought last season Lauren was one of the main reasons the group saw some success, through her hard-working nature and team first mentality”

“Just her experience alone will be a huge factor”

Keep an eye out for more player announcements coming soon

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Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
31 janv. 2023

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