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Partnership Announcement - Gold Coast Wake Park

The North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association are proud to announce Gold Coast Wake Park have come on board as a Silver Partner of the NBL1 program for the next two years.

Gold Coast Wake Park is the brainchild of 3-time World Champion Daniel Watkins, who had a vision to build the Gold Coast a world class wakeboarding attraction. It offers guests from all around the world the opportunity to learn to effortlessly glide across the top of the water in an affordable, safe, and fun environment.

It won’t be just our NBL1 senior program benefiting from the partnership with Gold Coast Wake Park, but our junior competition athletes will have the opportunity to win gift certificates and access Gold Coast Wake Park at a discounted rate.

Director for the Gold Coast Wake Park, Daniel Watkins, is excited for the prospect of the partnership with the North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association.

“We are heavily invested in the Gold Coast, with an Aqua Park down on the Broadwater as well as the Wake Park and Aqua Park here in Oxenford, so this partnership with the Seahawks made complete sense when we were made aware of the growth and area their members capture,” said Watkins.

“We know Basketball is a massively popular sport, and we believe the mix of on the floor and on the water is one that will benefit the Seahawks members”

“We can’t wait to see all of the families from within the Seahawks out on the water enjoying all that we have to offer here at the Gold Coast Wake Park”

General Manager for the North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association, Dwayne Vale, wanted to show his appreciation for Daniel and his team at the Gold Coast Wake Park.

“This conversation began with Daniel and his team close to two years ago and we were really close to putting some together, then a little thing called COVID19 came knocking,” said Vale.

“It’s exciting to me that after that amount of time Daniel still wanted to get this partnership done, and I’m pumped that we get to offer our members value that the team at the Gold Coast Wake Park have kindly offered”

“My belief is that we have a really good opportunity to look after and support one another on the Northern region of the Gold Coast and this partnership really cements that’s belief”

Check out the Gold Coast Wake Park at


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