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Marko Savic – New Zealand Tall Blacks Assistant Coach

For a normal young man who has just celebrated their 21st birthday, they would be forgiven for frequenting the glitter strip of Surfers Paradise or reeling in bed from a large night with their mates, but Marko Savic isn’t a normal 21-year-old.

Our Swooper Hoopers Head Coach and Co-ordinator is currently in Cairns for his international debut as an Assistant Coach to the New Zealand Tall Blacks, who are preparing to face off against the Australia Boomers this Saturday.

After spending the week in training camps with the Tall Blacks, Savic has had his number called by Head Coach, Pero Cameron, to be on the coaching staff for the FIBA Asia Cup qualifier in Cairns this Saturday night.

“We are extremely proud of Marko and everything he represents” said General Manager for North Gold Coast Seahawks, Dwayne Vale.

“This is a young man who is determined to be a professional basketball coach and this sort of opportunity only comes by to those who are willing to sacrifice, and are driven enough to do so”

“We couldn’t be luckier to have Marko as part of the family here at Seahawks – he encompasses everything we want our players to be in our program and more”

Savic although extremely excited, showed complete humbleness in his selection as an Assistant Coach for the Tall Blacks.

“This is obviously an incredible opportunity for me personally, to be a part of an international series and support Pero (Cameron) as one of his Assistant Coaches” said Savic.

“To have the opportunity to be in camp, see what the days look like, and to just be around high-level coaches and players is something I want to learn and develop from”

“Hopefully this leads to other opportunities moving forward, but for the time being, I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity I have been given this week”

Marko will be back Sunday and back into his Swooper Hoopers and representative coaching roles at the beginning of next week!

From us all at the Seahawks, we wish Marko the best and we couldn’t be more proud of him!

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