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North Gold Coast Seahawks Embrace the Green Lanyard

The North Gold Coast Seahawks have enthusiastically embraced the Green Lanyard as a symbol of their commitment to Basketball Queensland's (BQ) innovative approach to promoting positive behaviour within the realm of basketball. This initiative is designed to cultivate respect and constructive interactions among all stakeholders, with a particular emphasis on supporting junior officials.

Seahawks has taken a significant stride in nurturing respectful conduct within the basketball community. As part of their new Behaviour Framework, all referees who are 17 years old or younger will be equipped with green lanyards in addition to their whistles.

The Green Lanyard initiative signifies a collective dedication to ensuring that players, coaches, spectators, and officials all partake in a basketball experience that is marked by positivity and respect. It underscores the importance of affording junior referees the respect they rightfully deserve, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the overall atmosphere of the game.

Lachy Power, the Officials Development Manager for the Seahawks, is enthusiastic about the potential impact of the Green Lanyard program. Lachy firmly believes that providing young referees with this visible symbol of support will serve as an encouragement for positive behaviour and contribute to healthier interactions between players, coaches, and officials.

The North Gold Coast Seahawks are thrilled to be at the forefront of this initiative, reiterating the vital values of respect, sportsmanship, and fair play within the basketball community. They encourage all clubs to join them in embracing this positive change and making the Green Lanyard program a resounding success for the benefit of all those involved.

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