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Sponsorship Announcement – My Vitality Physio

It is with great excitement that we announce My Vitality Physio has signed back on as a Gold Level partner, and exclusive physiotherapy provider, with the North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball NBL1 North program.

My Vitality Physio has been a main stay of the senior program since 2017, first coming on board as the team’s exclusive physiotherapy service provider when the Seahawks entered the now defunct QBL season. It has been awesome to watch Damon and the MVP team go from strength to strength over the years, expanding from their original clinic in Hope Island to a stunning state of the art second clinic in Paradise Point.

Director for My Vitality Physio, Damon Voss, expressed his pleasure at the opportunity to be the association’s exclusive physiotherapy clinic for the next 3 years.

“Having spent many years working in high performance sport in the UK and Australia I am very passionate about supporting our Northern Gold Coast community’s sporting teams. I am very excited to be partnering with an association with such ambition and vision for success. This shines through with the level of talent the Seahawks have been able to attract and retain. The whole organisation has a very high level of professionalism and commitment which makes it a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of” said Voss.

“For us it is not just about the NBL1 program and the 1st team athletes. We are very keen to take care of the whole basketball community from the developmental players like my 9 year old son Harry in his first year, to the various age group club players, junior and senior representative players, semi-professional and professional athletes. We also welcome friends and family and the whole Seahawks tribe!”

“This is something Dwayne (Vale) and I have spoken about. Managing the elite players is great fun and a real buzz, but it is the support of the whole Seahawks community recommending, accessing and benefiting from our services that make our sponsorship possible and viable as a long term affiliation.”

We have a range of services available for all North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketballs members, their family and friends. Whether it's Physio, Exercise physiology, Dietetics, Dry Needling, Massage, Yoga, Pilates, we have something for almost everyone. We aim to be the first thought that comes to mind if anyone gets injured, or is suffering from a chronic condition, or if someone just wants to improve their physical health and performance and reduce injury risk. We really hope our ongoing support for the Seahawks and our continued delivery of high quality health care will make us the number 1 practice of choice on the Gold Coast.”

“Our MVP team look forward to the opportunity to help the growing Seahawks membership base for years to come.” Thank you in advance for your support of the MVP team.

General Manager for the North Gold Coast Seahawks Basketball Association, Dwayne Vale, knows this is huge for the NBL1 North program and association moving forward.

“To have the ability for our NBL1 athletes to access world class sports physiotherapy from Damon and his team, is a massive benefit and point of difference. Most of the associations in our league just simply cannot have this” said Vale.

“Damon’s commitment to making sure our athletes are prepped and ready to go for the weekend is second to none, with constant communication with myself, the head coaches and the athletes themselves, the team leaves no stone unturned in this area.”

“My commitment to Damon is we will embrace and promote MVP as the preferred healthcare service provider for our whole community. Whenever anyone within the Seahawks community is in need of health care, My Vitality Physio (MVP) should be the first thought that comes to mind. I believe with the range and quality of services and the member benefits MVP is offering, it won’t be hard to achieve this”

“We are extremely proud and thankful that Damon and his team at MVP are on board for a further 3 years and we look forward to seeing how we can further develop and enhance this already fantastic partnership we have”


MVP are offering our Members their "Friends & Family Discount" of 25% off their initial appointment for any of their services.

Injured Players can also benefit from their 15-minute injury screening*

*for private health care rebate only



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